#134 German Souvenir Ankle Shoe with Backtab

This is a dip glazed chalk white porcelain shoe made in Germany. Circa is assumed early 20th century from a souvenir marked 1908 shoe in my collection. See Wojtkowski pg 172L1. A uniform dip glaze line can be seen inside the heel well as a result of dipping the shoe upside down in the glaze, then uprighting it for completion. The shoe is a one grommet, 4 eyelet, cap toe ankle shoe in a rich ivory luster. The “Souvenir of Indianapolis” vamp marking and seam trim is done in gold. The shoe has a slightly flared rim, deep ankle wrinkles, and a boot pull tab at the back of the heel. Size is 5.5 x 2. 85, 3.2 oz. I have added a black tassel-ended Rayon Nufashund Reg US Pat Office late period replacement lace. Condition report: kiln freckle on right; seam gild wear.
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