#1501 Ilmenau Porcelain Man’s Cerise Lustered Oxford

From the Ilmenau Porcelain Factory, Thuringia, Germany, is a shoe made in the early decades of the 20th century. This is a porcelain large man’s cap toe oxford for the left foot. Lowers are gold as are the lacing placket and laces. Upper glaze is a striking lustered cerise. Interior is clear glazed The toe cap has embossed “leather punch” margin detail, and shoe lace ends drape in colorful contrast across the cerise uppers. The shoe is from a 2008 Bedford, Pa, estate. Size 6.2” x 2.8” 5.2 oz. This shoe is unmarked, but a marked version is shown for its green underglaze JPF Röntgen #629 mark and the “Made in Germany” marking. See Wojtkowski pg.153. This is circa 1903+ . Condition Report: Very good. Has factory overglazed greenware chip on left sole edge (pictured).
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