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Reference for glass shoes: Libby Yalom
Reference for porcelain & pottery shoes: Anne Wojtkowski References to Wojtkowski text are in format: page number, R or L column, picture number counting from top down, and item within picture if multiple shoes in photo, e.g., pg 94L4.2 refers to the second shoe in the fourth photo down on the left hand column of page 94
Commonly Used References
Kovel, Ralph and Terry. Kovel’s New Dictionary of Marks:
Pottery & Porcelain, 1850 to the Present, Crown
Publishers, Inc., NY, 1986. ISBN 0-517-55914-5
Lee, Ruth Webb. Victorian Glass: Specialties of the Nine-
teenth Century, published by the author, Northboro,
MA, 1946. ISBN 080487011X
Röntgen, Robert E. Marks on German, Bohemian, and
Austrian Porcelain: 1710 to the Present, Schiffer
Publishing, Ltd., Atglen, PA, 1997.ISBN 0-7643-0353-8
Mentioned with reservations.
Wheatley, Earlene, Collectible Glass Shoes, 2nd ed.,
Schroeder Publishing Co., Inc., Paducah, KY, 2001.
ISBN: 1574322168
Williams, Laurence W. Collector’s Guide to Souvenir
China: Keepsakes of a Golden Era, Identification and
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Wojtkowski, Anne Everest. Porcelain and Pottery Shoes,
Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 2004. ISBN:
Yalom, Libby. Shoes of Glass, Antique Publications,
Marietta, OH, 1988. ISBN 0-915410-56-7
Yalom, Libby. Shoes of Glass, 2, The Glass Press, Inc.,
Marietta, OH, 1998. ISBN 1-57080-035-9

Other Resources

Use any of the wonderful web resources available.
My personal favorites are Gouda-design, The Local History of Stoke-on-Trent, and Gotheborg Marks on Oriental Ware   My webpage design is compliments of WordPress and NYC graphic designer Mike James
Join a specialty collecting club, for example, Royal Bayreuth or RS Prussia, or Quimper.
These are just examples. If you have a special interest, try one of the better search engines, like Google. There are endless online resources for today’s collector.

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