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#85 Meissen Blue Cornflower Mule (Pantoffel)

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From the German Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, comes this large porcelain left mule or slipper (pantoffel). Meissen made both large and small mules, and for both the right and the left feet. The mule is handpainted in blue and white flowers and leaflet trailers reminiscent of the famous Zwiebelmuster or Meissen Onion pattern–actually an 18th century abstraction of a Chinese design and not an onion at all. This is instead credited as a cornflower, but artistic license makes it just a biologically incorrect as the Onion abstraction. Such is the nature of art. The sole is marked with the blue underglaze crossed sword, 43ōa, and .impressed 9- and 4 and Germany (post WWI, Rontgen). Size is 6.6 x 2.2; 8.7 oz. Condition report: Very good; noted for accuracy only, the slipper has scant kiln discoloration at the rim/footbed intersection often noted with WWII forms. See Wojtkowski pg 58L3.2. Item #85, Price $185 plus $8.25 shipping ($196.25 total insured expedited shipping). BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.
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