The Fine Print

My Condition Reports

Because these are antiques, they are subject both to flaws of manufacture and post factory damage.
Manufacturing flaws, for example firing cracks, glaze pops, glaze skips or runs–and bubble or straw lines in glass items–are generally non devaluing unless they are visually offensive. If they are something that would not normally pass that factory’s quality control, they are considered devaluing. For example, a few glaze pops in a souvenir item by a low end factory are entirely to be expected. The same flaw in a Heubach or Meissen is not to be expected.
A kiln-caused firing crack is usually a small irregular crack with factory over-glazing and does not normally affect the competence of the item, nor is it usually devaluing. In contrast, hairlines, chips, and fractures are devaluing and will be discounted for in the price. Sometimes the factory overglazed a chip or “mold pull” in which case it is not a devaluing fault. Chipped applied work (for example on elfinware) is expected and the amount of devaluation depends on extent and visibility. Old pottery is especially vulnerable, and as any majolica collector will tell you, the presence of non-distracting chips is the norm rather than the exception.
I check each item carefully with a loupe and have made every effort to include any described flaw in my site pictures and descriptions. If you question something, please ask me. If you are unfamiliar with a term, Google is a great reference. For example, as a search term entry “ceramic firing crack” will yield many very good explanations.

Additional Shipping Information

Basic payment, shipping and return information is provided on the home page. I generally use USPS Priority or First Class with insurance and delivery confirmation. If you choose not to insure items valued at under $30, the responsibility for postal errors is entirely yours. That said, let me assure you that they will have to work at damaging anything I pack, so unless you are normally very unlucky, you can easily get away with no insurance for the under $30 item. If you don’t want insurance on an item, I will still require a minimum of delivery confirmation because I have to know if my item was delivered. I have given actual weights for every item. You can assume a 7″ Priority sized box will weigh about 6 oz with packing material and add that to the shoe weight to estimate if the item is even eligible for a 13 ounce First Class rate. I often have plain boxes, so if you want First Class rates, ask, and I will try to accommodate.
If you are from another country, please look at the international shipping calculator “package rates” rather than the overpriced flat rate services to get an idea of shipping costs for your country. Your item is being shipped from Mukwonago, WI 53149 USA. It may also be handy to have a gram to pound converter since the USA is still non metric for postal purposes. I will of course read all the fine print and help select the best shipping method, but I’d appreciate your having some inkling before you ask me to do a lot of on line sleuthing.
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